It feels GOOD to be sore



I was given the opportunity yesterday to sit in on a group exercise class…

Actually, “participate” is a better word.

Class was led by a very knowledgeable and very assertive woman.

I thought I was King Sh*t walking around in the class… Until we started…

Warmup was very good… And then the workout started…

And I learned A LOT about my body, and more importantly, what my spirit was made of.

As soon as I “hit the wall” (never, EVER attend any group exercise class or start your training session without FIRST having plenty of complex carbs to help you push through… And bring some kind of drink to help you keep going, because you will get tired and sweaty and thirsty).

I had NO idea that the class was gonna be an HOUR, although the fact that she told me that class was from 930 to 1030 should have been a BIG clue…

I was proud of the fact that I made the decision to power through… Or die trying.. And believe me, there were times when my vision started to dim and It seemed as though I couldn’t get enough oxygen…)

I made it through, although I wasn’t able to complete all the reps of certain portions of the boot camp.

I was DRENCHED in sweat by the end, and I learned SO much about my body.

Most importantly, I felt sympathy for my clients. I understand what they must go through sometimes when we train together. Since I’m a fan of dumbbells, many times the muscle groups that I train tend to become sore. That’s fine, as I’m training for certain results.

I’m sore EVERYWHERE. 30 minutes in when she instructed us to take out the dumbbells, my 8 pound dumbbells…I was shocked to learn how much trouble they were giving me!!! I can do a single arms shoulder press with a 55 pound kettle bell and military press 120 pounds… And 8 pound dumbbells were giving me trouble!!!

I like to make the excuse that I have my rep range in the 1 to 5 range, with long rests in between, as I’m going through a macho-man phases ( training for strength as per the NASM OPT model).

But still, it kinda sucked… And too make it even worse, there were mothers in there who were blazing through!!! They couldn’t have been more than 100 pounds each, but they were flying through, prolly because they are built for endurance, as all moms are…

I also started to think about the men and women in the military, how they have no option to stop and they HAVE to keep going… And I felt a huge swell of respect and compassion.

Very long day yesterday… Learned so much…about everything…

It really does feel good to be sore!!!


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