Things were running as smooth as diarrhea when…

check engine


The “check engine” light has been on my car’s dashboard since I got it back in October 2010. It never really bothered, but I was concerned for the simple fact that everytime I check the engine, there’s no check in the engine.. .disappointing.


I finally get the engine checked out and much to my dismay, I need to get 3 O2 sensors AND a Cadillac Converter.

Needless to say, this is gonna set me back a bit.

I was really pissed.

As I was sitting there, wondering where the hell am I going to find the money for these items…. wondering if this little situation is going to set back my plans for the summer…

I automatically started to “flashback” to my most recent bout of unemployment. Having been unemployed for 3 months, I was really low, but…

I always kept my focus on WHAT YOU WANT.

It was like:

I was in a dark, stormy..storm… lost at sea… and the only thing I had for guidance was my belief and faith… which was like the calm shore that I could see from the water… but just couldn’t reach it yet….

No matter how rocky things have been, I’ve always made through.

Just remember that whatever things you’re going through in your life now…

This one little series of events is just a SPECK OF SAND compared to the larger time frame of our lives.

When you get through whatever you’re getting through, you’ll look back on it and it’ll seem like a distant memory from another time… you’ll look back on this and get the sense that it didn’t really happen to you.. that it might have happened to a friend and you’re just getting your story wrong…

You’ll look back on this time now… and you’ll start to realize all the things that you have in your life now…

And you’ll automatically take the lessons from this experience…

And you’ll be stronger.. be wiser… be more grateful than ever before.

I know that right now things might seem dark… but that’s the nature of uncertainty… it’s like a black screen that life/ the universe throws in front of your face, causing confusion, anger, and fear.

Just know that behind that black screen…. things are moving in your favor.. things are rearranging to fit your desires…

Just so long as you have FAITH and you want a better outcome.

Have Fun!!



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