The difference between Your fantasies and Your fondest memories…



The difference between the two is the amount of work that you put into creating them.. or just letting those little fantasies sit in your head… floating there and haunting you…begging you to make them a reality…

We all have fantasies….

Some fantasies are better left as just that.. a fantasy.

Some however…

You want to create a action plan and make them a reality.

It’s really simple, when you stop and ask yourself:

“If I could make this fantasy into a reality, how would I do it?”

Then it’s a simple matter of working backwards from the accomplished goal to the beginning.

For instance….

Let’s say that you really want to buy your own home. Let’s start at the end first and work our way backwards:

It’s decemeber 31st, 2011 and your living in your own home. You have a monthly mortgage. You have utility bills. You have property taxes. But most importantly, you have a place to call your own. You have a place you can go out and travel… and return to it anytime. You own your own little piece of this earth( I’m not even going to get into the really messed belief that another person has the ability to sell ME a piece of something that supposed to be totally free… that’s a topic for another post…)

But anyway, keeping all these facts in the back of your mind… looking back on the today… what did you have to do TODAY to start you on the road to homeowner ship?

This way of looking at the big picture is much more effective than starting at the beginning and trying to move ahead into the future. Why not move into the future and then work your way backwards?

Starting at the beginning is like… starting a trip without checking a map and getting a overall view of the territory you’ll be driving through.

Another thing that separates a fantasy from a reality is the way we think about them.

What would you say if i were to tell you that your WILDEST FANTASIES can become a amazing reality, if you put in the work?

How motivated would you be to get up and get to work on making your fantasies into a reality?


When you look at a fantasy like this, don;t you feel more compelled to make them happen?

What are those fantasies that you play over and over in the movie theatre of your mind.. and how would your be even better if you were to take action and make them a reality?

If you were to sit down and ask yourself:

‘If there was a way for me to make this happen, then how would I do it?’


Please be aware that this is a God Given power. Every single one of you has this natural ability… It’s just that sometimes you use to turn your NIGHTMARES into reality. That sucks.

Oh yeah: we use this ability to turn those things that we most fear into a reality.


How can you use this knowledge to create what you want?

How can you use the tips in this post and transform those haunting fantasies into breath-taking realities?

The simplest way to start is to take a pen and some paper… sit down and right out your deepest, darkest fantasies… and when you’ve finished, go through each one and ask yourself:

What steps would I need to take to make this happen?

I’m sure that you can think about the way you would like your body to look…

Now… what types of exercise would you have to do to make your body look the way you look in your fantasies?

Have Fun.



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