When you think about your boss, what comes to your mind?

When you answer this ONE question, it can be the difference between earning that raise that you want… or walking out the door with your family photos in a box, and no prospects.

Why is it so important to become aware of how you represent your boss in your mind?


If you may or may not already realize this, our mental representations of the people in our lives have a massive influence on how we react to them in our daily lives.

For instance, the person who imagines their boss to be some huge green dragon, breathing fire and acid tends to act and react to their boss much more…differently than does the person who can stop… and imagine your boss as a tiny white toy poodle… wouldn’t you agree?


What would it be like if you can…take that representation of your boss… take that image and change it now…that causes you to feel much friendlier towards him and have instant rapport with him, almost as if you guys were old war buddies or old college roommates?

How much easier do you think it be to earn that raise or get that time off that you want?


Have you ever had a really cool roommate? As you think about that person now… perhaps you can see their face right now… how surprised would you be to find that picture of your boss SUDDENLY and magically slide into that spot now…

Do you think that can change the way you feel a little better about your boss now?

On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being ” I wish the F@#$$@ would jump off a bridge and take dive in a empty lot…” and 1 being ” I wonder what my boss is doing tonight. We should get together and have some fun..”…

How do you feel about your boss now?

How surprised would you be if you were to… imagine your boss as a humanitarian? Would that change the way you feel about your boss?

The point I want you to understand and let it sink into your unconscious now:

Use your imagination to change the way you feel about your boss( for the better) and notice how much better your job will be.

Let me know how well this works for you:)



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