Does this sound right to you?

“Man, i’ve got two days till work again…”

Are you like most people that sit around and actually worry about work on their days off?

I used to be that guy.

You know that guy….

The one who has two days off from work and spends it DREADING monday morning.

That sucks and and when you think about it like that, is it any wonder that so many people in this country have heart attacks?

Are you aware of the mind-body connection?

I could use extremely technical language to give you definition of this process, but I won’t.

Quite simply it’s exactly what it sounds like to you:

Your mind and body are intimately connected, and your thoughts and feelings have a profound effect on all of your physiological systems, including:

Your heart rate, your breathing, and your blood pressure.

Happy thoughts cause you to relax.

Sad thoughts cause you to get tense and anxious.


How healthy can the heart of a person whose worried constantly really be?

Even better question:

How can we go from worrying about work on monday…

To living in the moment and enjoying the time that we have to ourselves?

It’s really simple, when you stop… and think about it.

Go out and have some f@#^&&# fun!!!

The mind is indivisible, meaning that it can only focus on one thing at a time, all though it may seem as though e can focus on many things at once.( what’s really happening is that you’re quickly switching your focus back forth between two or more activities)


What does this mean for you and how can you apply it to your life right now?


If yu too busy having fun or getting some important s#$% done, then you can’t possibly have enough time to be worried.

Sure… it’s inevitable that you have work on Monday and it’s inevitable that that thought will pop it’s head up from time to time. That’s fine…

And when work does pop into your mind… you’ll automatically start to think about all the things you can buy with the money you’ll be earning this coming week… and you’ll actually start to feel good and smile when you think about going to work monday…

Have Fun.



PS! Make sure you check my blog archives for tons for priceless information!!


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